This Is Albatross


Interview: Spring Heeled Jack

Albatross got a chance to sit down with Ron Ragona and Mike Pellegrino from Spring Heeled Jack, before a show during the Skalapalooza 2012 Tour. We started at the beginning, continued to now and even stepped a little bit into the future. Check it out

Interview: Farside | Popeye (Part II)

I finally got around to Part II of Popeye’s interview. Sorry it took so long. We ended Part I of Popeye’s interview by asking him if he would mind explaining a few Farside songs…He told us he needed a glass of wine first. First up should be obvious…”I Hope You’re Unhappy”

Interview: Texas Is The Reason | Garrett Klahn

Interview with Garrett Klahn from Texas Is The Reason. We had a chat with Garrett about his younger days hanging out with Split Lip and his arrival to NYC, weekend practices in Long Valley, and the short lived band.

Interview: Gameface | Jeff Caudill

Interview with Jeff Caudill from Gameface. Jeff and I had a chance to talk about the beginnings of Gameface, life on the road, and the eventual fall of this California punk rock band.

Interview: This is Albatross

The folks over at xStuck In The Pastx actually asked me to do an interview. Thought about if I should post it all day, and (obviously) I decided it was a good idea. I mean at the very least it’s a plug for SITP, right?

Interview: Skankin' Pickle | Mike Park

The Albatross had a chance to do an interview with Mike Park from Skankin' Pickle, The Chinkee's and The Bruce Lee Band. We asked him about his history in music, the SP break up, Plea For Peace and more.

Interview: Marginal Man | Kenny Inouye

Interview with Kenny Inouye from Marginal Man. We chatted about DC Hardcore in the 80's, touring, and being all around badasses.

Interview: Sense Field & Reason To Believe | Jon Bunch

I had the chance to chat with Jon Bunch from Sense Field and Reason To Believe. We chatted about the early days of the band, signing to a major label, Jon's involvement with Further Seems Forever and more!

Interview: Samiam, Knapsack & Solea | Sergie Loobkoff

Inteview with Sergie Loobkoff from Samiam, Knapsack & Solea. We discuss the genesis of the band, signing to a major, touring Europe, and what the guys are up to now.