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My Chemical Romance to Return Under New Name?

by Colin Jayon March 24, 2013
Well it looks as if we may have this months “band randomly blowing up the music blog-0-sphere with news they could all just release at once.” DyingScene is reporting that while fans have seen the end of “My Chemical Romance” it may not be the end of the band. The report goes on saying that […]

Lollapalooza 2013 Might Have Just Unveiled First Batch Of Bands

by gunnstonon March 20, 2013
The Chicago Tribune just announced a bunch of bands that will appear at 2013’s Lollapalooza.  Some websites are calling it a rumor while others are stating the lineup as fact.  Not sure, what to believe, but the bands don’t seem that ‘our of reach.’  Time will tell.  Lollapalooza 2013 will take place in Grant Park […]

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Upcoming Interview Reveals Acceptance Reunion Isn’t Out Of The Question

by gunnstonon March 1, 2013
An upcoming interview with Anberlin’s Christian McAlhaney reveals an Acceptance reunion may not be out of the question.  While the interview isn’t up yet, poster Jonathan Bautts posted a short preview of the interview.  Read the excerpt below (via Absolute Punk): There’s always been whispers of reunion stuff here and there. Basically, I think Jason […]

Foo Fighters To End “Hiatus” Already?

by Colin Jayon February 21, 2013
When Dave Grohl announced this past October that the Foo Fighters were going on hiatus, fans became rather upset that it would be a rather long period of time before the band regrouped together to play, let alone write new material. However, Grohl is sticking to his word that once all promotional business for his […]

Hidden In Plain View Is Going To Make An ‘Announcement’ Soon…

by gunnstonon February 10, 2013
[UPDATE] – Hidden In Plain View Announce Reunion Show In 2013 Hidden In Plain View took to Facebook last Thursday to make a announcement…that they are going to make an announcement.  Check out Hidden In Plain View’s Facebook or read the message below.  Hidden In Plain View broke up in 2007. We have some really cool […]

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Another Fall Out Boy Rumor, To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel?

by gunnstonon February 3, 2013
The internets were ablaze yet again this morning as a new rumor involving Fall Out Boy appearing on Jimmy Kimmel have surfaced.  According to a number of websites there was a listing on Late Night Lineups that shows Fall Out Boy will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel on February 13th, 2013.  We’ll see what happens…

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Fall Out Boy Reunion Rumors…..Yet Again

by Colin Jayon January 25, 2013
After some sites claiming that they know sources close to the band saying Fall Out Boy reuniting after a three year hiatus, and others, pretty much dismissing anything of that nature, we here at Albatross wanted to let you know, we too know whats going on is probably just a repeat from all of the rumors […]

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Kaddisfly To Reunite In 2013?

by gunnstonon January 25, 2013
Some folks at Absolute Punk seem to think Kaddisfly may be reuniting in 2013.  A simple yet provocative teaser showed up on Facebook late last night: shi#’s about to get real

New Release Coming From Thrice in 2013

by Colin Jayon January 21, 2013
After a highly successful farewell tour and box set, post-hardcore quartet Thrice will apparently still be releasing material this year, despite their indefinite hiatus status. The release is a nearly forgotten about planned split with Atlanta, Georgia based group Manchester Orchestra. A rather mysterious tweet (seen below) from Manchester Orchestra sparked interest for most fans […]

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The Postal Service Step Up Their Hinting

by Colin Jayon January 21, 2013
No, this isn’t a weird viral marketing scheme to revitalize the United States Postal Services, but it seems as if the already cryptic group the Postal Service, have stepped up their cryptic-ness a bit more. The bands website (which can be viewed by clicking here) simply just says “The Postal Service” on one line and […]