mineral reunion 2014

Mineral Reunion In 2014?

by gunnstonon April 23, 2014
Brooklyn Vegan had a great find today.  Various forms of social media have been activated, and vaguely updated for Mineral.  We’ll keep you posted if / when something comes up.  In the meantime check out Mineral’s Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

the libertines reunion 2014

The Libertines Are Probably Reuniting At Hyde Park This Year

by gunnstonon April 22, 2014
It looks like The Libertines are probably going to reunite this summer at Hyde Park.  Rumors started this weekend but now seem all-but-confirmed. The first hint came from an interview with Pete Doherty where he stated: “I don’t know if I should tell you this, but the Libertines were offered a concert in Hyde Park this […]

ac dc

Brian Johnson Gives Statement About The Future Of AC/DC

by gunnstonon April 16, 2014
AC/DC’s Brian Johnson talked to The Telegraph after the internet (including us) wondered if 2014 was the end of AC/DC due to Malcolm Young’s recent stroke.  In the interview, Johnson confirmed that AC/DC are planning on recording a new album, although Malcolm Young will be taking a break from the band.  There was also a […]

ac dc

AC/DC May Be Calling It A Day?

by gunnstonon April 15, 2014
Some sad news has (potentially) been floating around the internet today.  Apparently AC/DC may be breaking up and canceling their 40th Anniversary tour.  MetalSucks reports: Founding member, rhythm guitarist, co-producer and co-songwriter Malcolm Young had a stroke a few weeks ago, and upon regrouping with the band to rehearse discovered he could no longer play […]

boys night out

Boys Night Out May Reunite In 2014?

by gunnstonon April 14, 2014
Members of Boys Night Out posted a few pictures of Instagram of the band playing.  Thanks to AbsolutePunk for the heads up and check out the pictures below:

oasis reunion 2014

Oasis Is Hinting At Something That Will Be Revealed Tomorrow

by gunnstonon February 25, 2014
[UPDATE] – No reunion, just a anniversary re-issue. Oasis took to Instagram today to post a little ‘teaser’ video of something that they will reveal tomorrow at 9AM.  Many are speculating a reunion?  Check out the Instagram post below and hop on tomorrow for details.

midtown band

Midtown Is Hinting Towards a Reunion In 2014

by gunnstonon February 17, 2014
[UPDATE] Midtown Reunites For Skate & Surf Fest 2014 [UPDATE] Skate & Surf Fest 2014 Announces Initial Lineup (HiPV, Midtown & More) Some recent activity on Midtown’s Facebook is causing people to speculate if they will reunite in 2014.  The first post came on Valentines day when Midtown simply posted, “We reach for what we’re […]

phantom planet reunion 2014

Phantom Planet May Be Reuniting In 2014

by gunnstonon January 24, 2014
Phantom Planet took to Twitter yesterday that’s alluding to the band reuniting in 2014.  Check out the tweet below: RAISE THE DEAD… — Phantom Planet (@phantomplanet) January 23, 2014


Atreyu Hints At Reunion For 2014

by Colin Jayon January 22, 2014
Early-2000′s metalcore outfit Atreyu have recently took to their Facebook page and posted a picture of all five members together. This just add’s to the speculation of a reunion of the quintet that has been on hiatus for going on four years. This past May fans of the band began to keep an eye open […]

faces reunion 2014

Faces Are Closer To Reuniting

by gunnstonon January 9, 2014
News first came in December about the possibility of a Faces reunion.  Rod Stewart even ‘earmarked‘ the reunion for 2015.  Billboard has confirmed that Faces‘ drummer Kenney Jones is also in ‘negotiations’ for a reunion.  So far the reunion includes Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, and Kenney Jones.  Billboard reports: Stewart made the news public last […]