Coal Chamber Continues Comeback With Download Festival 2013

by gunnstonon December 3, 2012
Back in 2011 Coal Chamber reformed to make their comeback.  Today Coal Chamber announced their appearance at Download Festival 2013 .  Download Festival’s promoter took to Twitter to share the news: Download Festival 2013 takes place at Donington Park, Leicestershire on June 14th – 16th, 2013.  Tickets are available.

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A Brand New Limp Bizkit Song Appears On The Interwebs

by gunnstonon October 29, 2012
Limp Bizkit has appeared on The Albatross a few times over the past year as Fred Durst and the boys have been marking their comeback in 2012.  ShyGuyAssasin found a new song (via YouTube) of a new song titled ‘Lightz’ (as well as a few choice words about LB.)  Check out the video below:

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Disciples Of Power Reform in 2012

by gunnstonon October 18, 2012
Canadian thrash metalers, Disciples Of Power have decided to reform after breaking up 15 years ago (in 2002.)  Unfortunately it will be without the help of Hart Bachmier or Andy Smith.  The band released a statement on October 13 via their website: Disciples of Power have officially reformed. Unfortunately, Hart Bachmier will not be joining us. […]

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Missy Elliot Starts Comeback With Two Singles

by gunnstonon September 18, 2012
It seems like Missy Elliot has been preparing her comeback for most of 2012.  Today she released two singles, “9th Inning” and ‘Triple Threat.”  Timbaland is at the helm as producer for Missy’s first album since 2005’s “The Cookbook.”  According to NME the songs with be released ‘officially’ on iTunes later today.  Check out the songs (via YouTube) below:

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Captives Makes A Comeback (Not A Reunion)

by Colin Jayon September 13, 2012
I guess there may be something in that New Jersey water these days because comebacks and reunions seem to be all the rage in the garden state these days. First, Earth Stood Still, and now melodic post-hardcore act Captives have decided to start playing shows again.The show will be taking place at the CO Johnson Field-house in Byram, […]

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Earth Stood Still Announce Comeback Show

by Colin Jayon September 13, 2012
As we reported last week, New Jersey-based quartet Earth Stood Still, hinted at (a pretty obvious way) that they would be returning. Well it is now official that the first show back will be next week. The show will be taking place at the CO Johnson Field-house in Byram, NJ. The show will also act […]

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Convulse To Make Comeback In 2012 After 18 Year Hiatus

by gunnstonon September 4, 2012
Finnish death metalers Convulse have returned after an 18 year hiatus.   GunShyAssassin reports: The band’s already played a few reunion gigs, and is confirmed for the 2013 Maryland Deathfest.  Convulse promise more live appearances will be announced soon.

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Confide Reforms Creates Kickstarter For New Album

by gunnstonon August 31, 2012
Confide disbanded in October 2010.  Today they’ve announced they are getting back together and have started a Kickstarter account to record a new album.  The cause of their return was the continued support of fans, family and friends (via RyansRockShow): “After spending 5 years touring around the world to, approximately, 15 different countries, Confide decided […]

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Fred Durst Comments on Current State of Limp Bizkit

by Colin Jayon August 17, 2012
It seems as Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst just needs a bit of a pep talk these days to keep his iconic nu-metal act going. Metal Injection is currently reporting that Durst in a recent interview with Kerrang! said somethings along the line of the fans not being there anymore and that is over. Don’t […]

Beck Makes An Interesting Comeback Although Not What Most Expect

by gunnstonon August 9, 2012
Beck hasn’t put out an album since 2008’s Modern Guilt.  This December you can expect Beck’s new album titled ‘Song Reader.’  Here’s the catch.  The new album is actually just an illustrated song book of actual sheet music.  Beck is hoping / planning on having fans record their versions of the songs based on the […]