Upcoming Interview Reveals Acceptance Reunion Isn’t Out Of The Question

by on March 1, 2013

An upcoming interview with Anberlin’s Christian McAlhaney reveals an Acceptance reunion may not be out of the question.  While the interview isn’t up yet, poster Jonathan Bautts posted a short preview of the interview.  Read the excerpt below (via Absolute Punk):

There’s always been whispers of reunion stuff here and there. Basically, I think Jason is the last person everyone is waiting on. I don’t even know what that would look like or what we would do, I just want to get the dialogue going because it’s been awhile. I think a lot of people would like that, and I would like it too. There was never any closure for the guys in Acceptance. We just said we were done and never played any final shows or anything. There was just never any closure.

I think you could definitely do a couple one-off shows here and there, or something.

Yeah, it would be great, honestly. I hear it all the time on tour with Anberlin. People are like, “Oh my God! You were in Acceptance!” Actually, more often than I would think. It’s all the time that people are like, “Oh yeah! Acceptance! That was the best record! You guys should do a reunion!” I think if we did reunion shows, even if they were just West Coast or whatever, I think the other band dudes would be surprised how many people would turn out.