New Release Coming From Thrice in 2013

by on January 21, 2013

After a highly successful farewell tour and box set, post-hardcore quartet Thrice will apparently still be releasing material this year, despite their indefinite hiatus status. The release is a nearly forgotten about planned split with Atlanta, Georgia based group Manchester Orchestra. A rather mysterious tweet (seen below) from Manchester Orchestra sparked interest for most fans who have nearly forgotten about plans for the vinyl release.


Modern Vinyl reports that the split was originally supposed to be released when the two bands toured together back in 2010, but for some odd reason has been delayed until now. Complete details are still not officially announced, but apparently both bands songs on the release are covers and Manchester Orchestra’s track will feature O’Brother. Be sure to stay tuned here whether the official news is in article form or posted on Page Deuce.







I’m personally stoked on this as a big fan of Thrice. I mean I’m pretty sure I have the cover rumored to be on it, which also makes me think about the delay. I’d imagine copyright issues may have had something to do with the delay of the release. At least we’re getting it soon.