Foo Fighters To End “Hiatus” Already?

by on February 21, 2013

When Dave Grohl announced this past October that the Foo Fighters were going on hiatus, fans became rather upset that it would be a rather long period of time before the band regrouped together to play, let alone write new material. However, Grohl is sticking to his word that once all promotional business for his recent rockumentary Sound City was complete, the Foo’s would get cracking on new tunes. NME reports that the modern-rock icon was at the Brit Awards this past week and the topic of the Foo Fighters came up in conversation with the shows host, James Corden. When asked, Grohl responded with “I return to Los Angeles tomorrow to start work on a Foo Fighters record.” While this does not mean we may even get a new album in 2013, this news will allow fans of the Foo Fighters to rest a little easier. Hey, maybe their writing material as you read this!