Patrick Stump Puts Fall Out Boy Rumors To Rest

by on August 2, 2012

The Fall Out Boy rumor mill was stirring this morning.  It started when a young gentlman @Beauknows tweeted this:


Of couse it sent stirs through the world wide webs that Fall Out Boy was preparing to record a new album.  UnderTheGun actually did an decent amount of detective work in hopes that this rumor could be true:

It’s no secret that the solo endeavors of Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump have not gone as well as either have hoped. Patrick wrote back in February (in response to this piece) a blog detailing the lack of respect he received for the last FOB tour as well as his own solo project. He wasn’t feeling the love anymore. Pete started up Black Cards, gained 3 members, then scaled back to two. Every release has been delayed and the mixtapes didn’t go over that well. Joe and Andy each have had several projects to keep them busy in the harder punk area, but all signs have been pointing to a reunion.

In fact, there was talk of a New York reunion show that reached my ears last spring. A show promoter whispered this to me at a show and my jaw nearly dropped. Now, I’m thinking that could be happening sooner than ever. If Beau is correct, I think we can expect a Fall Out Boy Reunion (in the form of a show, multiple shows, or otherwise within the next 12 months.

PropertyofZack & UnderTheGun both posted later this morning that @patrickstump responded to this rumor.  Unfortunately, Stump’s reply is no long on his twitter page.  The image below is from PropertyofZack.  Kinda confused why he would take it down…