Carcass Confirms First LP In 17 Years

by on December 3, 2012

Earlier this week we reported that Carcass may be recording their first album in 17 years.  Carcass has now confirmed that it’s happening.  Decibel recently did an interview with Jeff Walker who confirmed Bill Steer and Daniel Wilding will appear on the record.  He also said:

…We’ve taken stylistic cues from all the albums because it’s in our blood, but it’s no rehash or mess of ideas. I think it sounds almost like the missing link between the third and forth albums but with some groove in there. I’ve jokingly christened some parts ‘Trad Blast’ and some ‘Death Sleaze’… don’t think for a minute this is just some nostalgic throwback album—we’re setting up another 17 years of ideas for other bands to copy and clean up on [laughs].